Friday, 9 August 2013

The Kent Kids

Now how cute are these little cherubs! These are the adorable kids of my friend Karen... Ruby, Harrison & Laila Kent! :D They are 3 of the most well mannered and polite kids and this was a fun-filled little shoot!

Ruby is a proper little princess... who took charge of making sure her younger siblings knew their role within the photo-shoot. Harrison is full of fun and giggles and is absolutely hilarious and adorable little Laila is so sweet and just adores her big brother and sister, copying every move they made!

This was a super fun shoot. Working with 3 gorgeous kiddie winkles is obviously a perk of the job, but the main reason I loved this shoot so much was because of the candid feel of it. Nothing too posey... just adorable kids being themselves and getting snapped in the act. My absolute favourite kind of photography!!!

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