Saturday, 20 July 2013

Paula, Marc & Callum - Saturday 20th July 2013

This was a lovely little shoot, and my first Family Shoot!

Paula and I know each other through mutual friends and she is a lovely girl and a fab little hairdresser! She has a lovely fiance Marc and they have an adorable little boy Callum! :D

When I first arrived, little Callum was volunteered to be my assistant and helped me set up all my gear and equipment (backdrop, Lighting etc). He was so funny... a little character and a half... and it was evident there and then that he was going to make this a fun shoot! :)

Callum of course wanted to get a few snaps of him taken first... Seriously, how cute is he...


Then the family shots were under way! Paula opted for a pretty little black dress (hair and mak-eup obviously flawless), Marc had on a white polo shirt & 3/4 length jeans & cutie pie Callum had a stripey T-shirt and navy cargo shorts! :) It was a casual affair - perfect for the adorable, and laid back family they are! :D

We managed a few nice family shots before the predictable happened... Callum got bored! Lol! :)    


It's a lot to expect little ones to sit patiently during a photo-shoot, so it was inevitable that Callum would get fed up and start marching to his own beat!

Funnily enough though, the candid and silly shots always make for a much better and more memorable photograph... and although it was obvious that mum and dad were getting a bit anxious and stressed out, there really was no need for them to feel that way!

The rest of the shots by far my faves of the day! Silly & playful and just hilarious really... All down to Callum!

I believe it was the great comedian W.C Fields who once said...

"Never work with children or animals"

... Well the jokes on him, because some of the most memorable and brilliant shots I have ever taken have been of my beautiful dogs Oscar & Bonnie... and cute little characters like Callum!!!


I just wanted to add an additional little note at the bottom of this to say that the lovely Paula (pictured above) is expecting her 2nd child this coming April... a little princess this time... and as well as this, she is getting married in Ibiza in July to her lovely other half Marc and has asked me to be the official photographer for the reception back home! To say I'm delighted is an understatement!!! Sending all my love and luck to this little family for the exciting year they have ahead of them!!! :)

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