Friday, 26 July 2013

Nicola's Extended Family Portrait

Welcome to my first super challenging shoot - shooting a group of 11 people!!!

This might not seem a lot, but it was way out of my comfort zone... different ages... different heights... Oooft!

However, the advantage I had was that it was the family of an old school friend, so that made it slightly more relaxed! 

Nicola (the aforementioned old school friend) wanted to get a family shot to gift her grandmother with and so on that basis, she organised all the family together in her aunt & uncles (beautiful) home and we got some shots!

Nicola & Stephens adorable little cherub Logan was an absolute pro. He yelled "Cheese!!!" before every snap of the shutter and had the biggest smile for every single shot... an absolute dab hand at this photography malarkey... and he kept everybody laughing and relaxed throughout the whole thing!!! :)

The rest of the shots were an absolute breeze... 

And finally... the big one... The entire family!!!

I also thought it was worth noting folks... that Nicola is a superb baker!!! She has her own Cake business and makes some of the most delicious and fabulous looking celebratory cakes I've ever seen!!! She is super talented with fantastic prices... Keep her in mind for your next big celebration... 

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