Monday, 31 March 2014

Monday Wish List - Flower Power

Hey there lovely people!

It's Monday and that means it's Wish List time! :) This weeks post has been inspired by Spring and all the beautiful flowers beginning to bloom.

I have collated all of my favourite Floral items from my fave Plus Size shop Yours Clothing, as well as Simply Be and a new find Pink Clove.

Yours Clothing

Simply Be

Pink Clove

1. Floral Print Kimono - £28

Florals were also heavily featured in this months Cosmopolitan, with the fabulous fashion editors describing the trend as "A smattering of petals - from ditsy florals to bold prints..." as well as being one of the main themes at this seasons London Fashion Week, with designers such as John Rocha and Temperley London showcasing their pastel florals and Spring blossoms.

So why not bag yourself a new piece and jump on the "Flower Power" bandwagon. It's a sure-fire way to get on trend and into the Spring fling state of mind. 

Take care lovelies. x

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Hey there lovely people!

I hope you have all had an A M A Z I N G weekend and for all the UK readers, I hope you spoilt the mothers in your lives and were indeed spoiled yourselves if you are a mummy too!

I have had the most chilled out weekend EVER! My hubby was away at the football for the best part of yesterday afternoon and I decided that I would stay put at home and just relax. I tweeted a bit, caught up with facebook (as it has become slightly neglected as of late) and listened to my crappy (in my husbands opinion) music loudly and proudly!

Anyway, today's post is going to be a short one, because I want to spend some time with my mum.

She is the best mum I could ever have asked for and she still runs about after me at 28 years old. I really don't know what I would do without her.

My Mother, my friend so dear

throughout my life you're always near.

A tender smile to guide my way

You're the sunshine to light my day. 

Remember to always cherish the mothers in your lives, because you don't know what tomorrow will bring. My poor hubby lost his mum as a teenager and my heart breaks for him every year on this day. You will only ever have 1 mother in your life - please remember that and don't take your time with them for granted.

Take care lovelies. x

Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Blogger Tag

Hey there lovely people,

Happy weekend to you all. Hope you are having a fabilicious Saturday.

It's that time of the week for another little Tag. They are one of my favourite things to read on other peoples blogs because it's nice to get to know the lovely person behind the posts. 

So here is this weeks choice... The Blogger Tag! 

The Blogger Tag

1. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?

It's naturally straight with a bit of a kink in it.

2. Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?

Both. If I'm feeling in a particularly "pamper myself" type of mood, I will get a hair cut & colour at the Hairdressers, but most of the time, because my hair is so short I am happy just to dye it myself at home. 

3. Do you wear the same style everyday, or do you change it?

So as I was saying, I have super short hair, so coming up with different styles is often difficult - but I try my best to change it up as much as I can.

4. Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to a salon?

I do my own. I have always had long nails and so have never wanted acrylics or anything. As well as that on the one and only occasion where I did have a manicure, the lady doing it absolutely destroyed my cuticles with her buffer and they were all bleeding and sore - BAD EXPERIENCE!!! Plus I like to change my nail colour a lot, so it would end up costing me a small fortune if I went to a manicurist every time. 

5. How often do you change your nail polish?

Like I said above, I change my colour a lot. Maybe 2 or 3 times a week. :) I love a fresh set of nails.

6. Do you polish your toes in the winter or just the summer?

Both - I stick to darker shades like 1.Chick Flick Cherry from O.P.I. or 2.Desire from Rimmel which is what I'm wearing just now. In the summer I like bright & pastel colours like 3.Hip Hop from Rimmel and 4.Brompton Place from Nails Inc.

7. How long does it take for you to put on makeup?

So if I'm just having a normal day - food shopping, out a walk etc then 10 minutes. If I have a night out or somewhere fancy to go then it's a kind of whole day process where my makeup can take 2-3 hours. I like to take my time. :)

8. What do you do first? Face or eyes?

Face. I always put my primer and foundation on first.

9. Do you collect makeup or just buy what you need when you need it?

I have a relatively big collection of products that I often forget I have, particularly eye-shadows. So definitely a collector.

10. How often do you wear false eyelashes?

Once in my whole life. I have really sensitive eyes so putting fake lashes and glue on them is a little daunting. However, my sister once put them on me and I loved them... pity I couldn't really see properly the whole night. 

11. Do you do a full face of makeup every day?

Nope. There are maybe 3 days out of the week where I let my skin breathe... and on days like today, where I'm feeling under the weather, makeup is the furthest thing from my mind.

12. Do you wear makeup when you're home alone or with family?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. 

13. Will you leave the house without makeup?

Yes and often too.

14. How many high-end products do you have?

Not a lot... and I'm not entirely sure they are too high end. I have some Smashbox lip products, Bareminerals powders and concealers, as well as Clinique and Liz Earle skincare products.

15. Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when you're getting dressed?

I always tend to plan what I'm wearing and leave it sitting out and ready.

16. How often do you change your handbag?

Often. I have a handbag addiction, and like to showcase all of my different ones as much as possible. I do, however, have some favourites that I use more often than others.

17. What time do you wake up and go to sleep?

So I go to bed through the week at around 10.30pm, but don't generally fall asleep till about 2am. I wake up anywhere between 8 and 10am in the morning. My nights are slightly longer at the weekend.

18. How often or when do you workout?

Not as often as I should... at all!!!

19. Left handed or right handed?

Right - my hubby is left handed.

20. How tall are you?

5ft 7inches.

21. Do you speak any foreign languages?

I speak a bit of French & Spanish.

22. How many pets do you have?

2 dogs - Oscar & Bonnie.

23. How often are you on Blogger?

Too often - haha! All day, everyday!!! Addicted is an understatement.

24. Do you read comments posted on blogs?

Yes - It's nice to read peoples nice words. Reminds me that there are still lovely people out there.

25. Do you keep a list of products to try as you see other posts?

Yes - this has become a bit of a problem for my poor hubby. My spending has increased exponentially since I got more and more into blogging and watching YouTube.

26. How did you come up with your blog name?

It was initially an idea I had for my Photography, that I was telling stories through my pictures - hence "Once Upon A Picture" and when I decided to blog I wanted there to be a consistency with my pictures and my words.

27. What kind of camera do you use for your photographs?

I have a Canon 600D DSLR, but I also have a few point and shoot cameras too.

28. How often do you clean your house?

I try to clean a bit everyday, but have a good clean of the entire house once a week.

29. What's your favorite color?


30. What is your favorite drugstore/high end makeup brand?

I love Rimmel for their nail polishes, Bodyshop for their foundation and M.U.A lipsticks (they are super cheap and super pigmented). For skincare my absolute faves are Clinique, Liz Earle and I really like Simple.

So there is my Blogger Tag answers. Hope you all enjoyed reading them, and feel free to leave your tags in the comments for me to read.

Take care lovelies. x

Friday, 28 March 2014

Friday Faves - Budget Beauty

Hey there lovely people!

Instead of doing my usual Friday Faves, I thought I would share my current budget beauty faves with you. I've recently bought a few new products and wanted to share them with you, as well as showcasing some of the products I've been using lately.

So here goes... I must warn you, it's a bit of a photo heavy post. :)

I couldn't resist the new MUA Matte lipsticks. I got the shades Totally Nude, Peachy Keen, Scarlet Siren & Pouty Pink.

This is the colours in all their glory. How gorgeous are they??? The colours are lovely and provide a lovely pigment on your lips, but because they're matte, they are quite drying on the lips. To combat this, I suggest moisturising your lips and perhaps adding some lip balm or Vaseline on top of your lipstick. Seriously though, at £1 each, you just can't go wrong with these little beauties.

These are just the standard MUA Lipsticks, in shade 1 (which is the darker of the 2) and shade 13. I already have these lipsticks but use them sooooo much that I needed to stock up on them.  Again they are just £1!!!

I just love them!!! Again, like the Matte ones above, these just feel lovely and luxurious on your lips. Pretty amazing for such a cheaply priced product.

Now because I wear a lot of lipsticks, I need to keep my lips moisturised and nourished, and these little products do that job for me. The Vaseline is a giant tub that I keep beside my bed and use every night. The EOS is a little treat I carry in my bag and the Carmex is a new purchase. I had never tried it before, but my sister-in-law whipped hers out of her bag the other day and the smell was intoxicating, so I had to get myself one. I love it because not only does it smell amazing, but it makes my lips tingle ever so slightly that I feel as though it's improving my pout. Only downside is the taste.

This is a new purchase as I really struggle to take off my eye makeup without my eyes stinging (they are super sensitive). I love Rimmel products and read a few good reviews about this one so I will be sure to report back as soon as I've given it a try.

This is a new product for me too. I currently use the BodyShop Moisturising foundation and I love it, but I wanted to give this a go because of all the fantastic reviews it's gotten from all the blogs and Youtubers I follow. I got it in the shade Light Porcelain because I am super pale, and I must admit, I didn't like it as much as my BodyShop one. It does feel nice on the skin and there is good coverage, but it's not as moisturising as I would have liked it to be.

So I saw somebody recently review this palette and they likened to to the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. This was the only palette of the 3 Naked collections that I really liked as it's all of my favourite eyeshadow colours, so for £4 I thought why not! I've taken a few swatches, and despite the price they are really nice and quite pigmented. I really look forward to giving them a try & will let you know how I get on.

This is nothing new to my faves, in fact as I've mentioned in previous posts, this is my absolute all time favourite perfume. I know it's probably nothing special to a lot of people, but I just love it! The bigger bottle is actually my miniature version which I use on a daily basis, and despite never really having to top up, I carry my little tester size in my handbag for an extra little hit throughout the day. This is just £12 for the full size and totally worth the money in my opinion!

Finally, this is a current fave of mine from the Soap & Glory collection. It's a moisturising body spray that not only leaves your skin feeling so soft and supple, but smells AMAZING! I just love spraying this over my arms and décolletage after coming out of the shower. It is simply divine! 

So that's my current beauty faves, in all of their glory! I didn't include my Clinique skin care as I spoke a bit about that in a recent post and didn't want to bore you all. Also, they aren't really budget products are they??? 

I'll be giving all of my newly bought products a good and thorough test over the weekend and will definitely be getting back to you with my thoughts and experience with them.

I hope you have a brilliant weekend, and will be back to you tomorrow with my Saturday Tag post!

Take care lovelies. x

Thursday, 27 March 2014

A little Décor Inspiration - My Livingroom

Hey lovely people!

Happy Thursday to you all. The weekend is so close it's within touching distance, and there is no better feeling that Friday arriving. 

But since it's Thursday, I thought I would continue on with my Décor inspired posts and this week I'm focussing on ideas for my Livingroom.

So I'm a bit undecided when it comes to a colour scheme, changing my mind more often than not, but this week I found my colour inspiration in my flowers. Now I must warn you... as I said before I often change my mind, and it was only a few weeks ago that I posted a New York themed Livingroom Décor mood-board. I have since decided I would prefer this theme in my bedroom... hence this post today. This may all change again in a few weeks... but I decided to just go with it today! :)

My absolute favourite of all time - the unappreciated Carnation.

How beautiful are the colours in those carnations??? The deep almost pinkish red and that burnt peachy corally orange. Oooft I just love them! 

Now please don't panic - I don't intend on decorating my entire livingroom with these colours - there will be quite neutral, earthy undertones with my brown leather sofa, white walls and oak flooring. The colours of the flowers will be represented by sporadic pops of colour from my accessories, soft furnishings and perhaps a feature wall.

So anyway, here are my ideas in my favourite form... mood-boards! :D

Ok, so the above looks pretty boring and shockingly grown up for my taste. However, as explained previously this is just the base or the undertone for my inspiration. I already have the brown leather couch and I kind of loved these little coffee and end tables because they would be super easy to spruce up if I got fed up with the natural earthy tones. The TV unit and shelving is a bit of a must have in terms of storage space (we have a lot of DVDs), but I'm not entirely sure if I would have my TV on the actual unit or floating on the wall between the two. As discussed in previous posts, the flooring is not only an aesthetic decision, but also a practical one as we have 2 very mucky pooches and a less than impressive carpet covered in muddy stains.

Now for the fun and colourful part.

The idea of the throw is that it would hang loosely at a diagonal along the back of the couches. Just to add a bit of colour without being an absolute hassle to sit on top of. The cushions are just gorgeous and sumptuous looking. They will add the pop of colour I'm looking for, and despite not being able to find the perfect rug to show you, I would love one with these bright colours included. The lamp, all be it quite small and relatively cheap and tacky looking is just super fun. I'm very aware of the 1st board looking pretty sophisticated and grown up and that is just not my husband and I at all, so this is why I felt it was important to include something fun and silly, that goes with the colour scheme and just adds a little something to the overall look. Finally I found this curtain panel - now these wouldn't be suitable at all for our livingroom window, but this is the kind of idea I'm going for with the curtains. Something predominately white, crisp and clean with that funky pop of colour. 

So there you have it, another set of mood-boards to oooh and ahhh over. I don't know about all of you, but I never tire of dreaming up ways of redecorating and generally improving my living space. I don't always follow through on them but I am always thinking up new ways to add a bit of pizazz to my home. I will no doubt change my mind entirely about all of this, and come up with a whole new concept in a few weeks, but for now I am going to enjoy the idea of living in amongst all of this bright and vibrant colour and will be back with another post for you all tomorrow. 

Take care lovelies. x

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Hair, Beauty & Skincare Products Wishlist
Hey there lovely people!

As well as my "Hump Day" post I have decided to share another Wishlist post with you all. Simply because over the past 3 nights I have been doing a bit of online window shopping (with some actual shopping much to my husbands dismay) and I seem to be getting a bit carried away with all of the items I want. I wonder if some of you are like that too???

Anyway, I've divided my wishlist into 2 sections; Hair Products, Beauty Products & Skincare Products. Please share any of yours with me and let me know if you've had any experience with any of the products I'm mentioning here.


  1. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo (1000ml) - £26.78 (rrp £31.50)
  2. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo (1000ml) - £28.99 (rrp £34.95)
  3. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment 200ml - £13.18 (rrp £15.50)
Now I'm a bit of a fan of Tea Tree products and I have been since I was a little girl, using my first ever Tea Tree cleanser and toner. I absolutely love the freshness of it. And I recently began using Tea Tree products on my hair as well as my skin and I have never looked back. For somebody like me, with sensitive skin and in particular a skin condition like dermatitis, I have found that Tea Tree products are soothing and fresh and nourishing to my skin, and particularly my scalp. It was actually a hairdresser that recommended these Paul Mitchell products to me and I have done nothing but swoon over the idea of purchasing them over the last few days. So these will definitely be making their way into my shopping basket just shortly!

If you're interested in these fabulous products, they can be found at HairTrade which is a fabulous little site offering an array of hair products from wigs and extensions to haircare and makeup. Be sure to give them a little visit and save yourself a bit of money at the same time!


  1. Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick - £21.16
  2. Sephora Collection Moonshadow Baked Palette - In The Tropics - £17.31
  3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz - £13.46
So I know I've already gone on a bit about the Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick which was heavily featured in last months Vogue UK. But seriously... how delicious does that look??? I am sooo in love with it... and it just looks so lavish and expensive that really I must have it! The Sephora Palette was something that just caught my eye when I was swooning over every other product on the page. Its just so pretty and colourful and despite being quite a classically nude girl when it comes to eye colours, I really did fall for this palette. The Anastasia Brow Wiz is actually something I've been trying to get for a while, but didn't really know how I was going to manage it because it's exclusive to the US. Samantha Chapman goes on at length about how great this product is, and for someone like me who really struggles with eyebrows, I think it's definitely a product I need in my life. Now all I need to do is convince my hubby to let me order £75 worth of goodies in order to get the £10 flat rate international shipping! 

Again, if you're interested in any of these products, you can find them and much much more at Sephora. I promise you will not be disappointed with all of the products available and at such great prices, you too will be begging you're other half's for the permission to spend the cash!


  1. Clinique Liquid Facial Wash - £15.50
  2. Clinique Clarifying Lotion - £16.50
  3. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion £17
Clinique are without a doubt my absolute favourite Skincare brand out there. Pricey??? Yes! Worth it??? ABSOLUTELY!!! Having exceptionally dry skin, these products seem to just transform in an instant the way my skin not only looks but feels. The Liquid Facial Wash penetrates your skin so deeply that you feel super clean and refreshed after using it. The Clarifying Lotion feels so smooth and silky across your skin and really wakens you and your skin right up. And the Moisturising Lotion... well it just leaves your skin so soft and smooth and supple, that it feels like brand new skin. I do have other skincare products that I use from time to time, but I always come back to my Clinique. 

You can find more information and more products from Clinique at their website, where you can actually purchase their skincare straight from them. If you don't have a skincare routine set in stone or you've never tried them before I would highly recommend you giving them a go. Like I said before, since trying them I have never really looked back.

So anyway, that is my current Hair, Beauty & Skincare wishlist. Being honest, I could have filled the page with products I want right now, but I thought a mishmash of products might seem a bit greedy and might be a bit of an eyesore. Let me know if you have any MUST HAVE products in your wishlists and if you have tried any of the products I've mentioned above, I'd love to hear from you.

Take care lovelies. x

It's that time of the week again!

Hey lovely people!

I just loved this when I saw it... and on that note I'd like to say HAPPY HUMP DAY lovelies! Lol

With today being the half-way point of the week for most of us, it's only right that instead of posting another of my favourite recipes, I thought I would post a couple of my favourite COCKTAIL recipes instead. If, like me, you're having one of those weeks where nothing is going right and you're stressed to the hilt, then a little cocktail is a welcomed idea. 

Cranberry Ginger Fizz Cocktail


1 cup of fresh cranberries
1 lemon - cut into wedges
4 sprigs of mint
1/2 an orange - cut into wedges
1 cup ginger ale
1 1/2 cups of gin
3/4 cup of sparkling water
3/4 cup of sugar

  1. Bring sugar and water to a boil in a medium saucepan, stir until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat; pour off all but one cup of syrup, reserving any extra for another use.
  2. Heat the syrup to a boil and then reduce heat to a medium. Add the cranberries and simmer for 2-3 minutes until they just begin to burst. Remove from heat and let cool in syrup.
  3. Place 2 tablespoons of drained cranberries and 6 tablespoons of cranberry syrup in a large pitcher; add the lemon and orange wedges.
  4. Using a wooden spoon, vigorously mash the fruit.
  5. Stir in gin and let steep for at least 5 minutes.
  6. Strain into a medium pitcher.
  7. Fill 4 glasses with crushed ice and 1/4 ginger ale.
  8. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and then pour half of the cranberry mixture into the shaker and shake vigorously for 10 seconds, strain liquid into two glasses. Repeat.
  9. Mound additional ice on top of each glass and garnish with 3 candied cranberries and a mint sprig.

Strawberry Vodka Lemon Sparklers

4oz strawberry infused vodka
4oz sugar syrup
4oz pink lemonade
4oz sparkling wine
Cubed ice
Fresh strawberries
Fresh mint


  1. Pour syrup and strawberry vodka into shaker with ice and shake vigorously.
  2. Strain and pour into 2 cocktail glasses.
  3. Add pink lemonade to the glasses 3/4 full.
  4. Top off with sparkling wine.
  5. Garnish with strawberries and mint.

Now repeat after me...


So there you go lovely people, 2 fantastic cocktail recipes that once you've tasted, you will instantly fall in love with and I predict you will continue to make for years to come! 

If you would like to find more fantastic cocktail recipes like this then look no further than Pinterest! There are literally thousands upon thousands of fantastically delicious recipes there for you to try. 

Take care lovelies. x

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Snap Happy Tuesday - Kids

Hey there lovely people!

Today is another post about some of my previous photo-shoots. It's a big deal to me for there to be a dedicated spot on my blog to showcase my love of photography and therefore my job. I don't think many people can say honestly, that they love their job... but I am certainly one of them. I believe that photographs are the the proof of our lives and the connection to our past. I know that in this day and age of technology, there are so many ways to connect and communicate, but I genuinely believe that nothing does that better than a photograph. 

Anyway, enough of the rambling and more of the sharing. 

ISO 400 - 50mm (50mm lens) - f/1.8 - 1/125 sec

This is little Mikael. He is 2 years old, so is technically still a baby and therefore should have been included in last weeks post. I for one, think that it's quite difficult to tell exactly what age little Mikael is in this picture, which is therefore why I included it. Shooting him was a very different experience from any other 2 year old I've had in front of the camera. He was very stubborn in terms of giving me a smile... but ended up being one of the shoots I'm most proud of. I think a lot of mum's and dad's, get really stressed out about getting their children to smile for the camera in order to get that smiley, happy photo. However, I firmly believe that these types of photographs can often end up the most beautiful and vulnerable. There's so much more of a story in these images than that of a run-of-the-mill smiley one.

ISO 400 - 37mm (18-55mm lens) - f/4.5 - 1/30 sec

Let me introduce you to my cousins children, Leon (top) and Brendan (bottom). I had to include this photo simply because it makes me smile. Brendan, the older of the 2 is such a laid back and quiet little soul, whereas Leon is just absolutely wild. So when I suggested this pose to Brendan he was quite embarrassed and hesitant about the idea and I think that shows in his little face. Whereas as soon as he lay down, Leon just jumped on top, no prompts, just jumped onto of his brother and started making horsey noises. It was just soooo funny that every time I look at this photo I relive the entire moment. This is a perfect example of my believe that photography is a way of "capturing precious, funny & irreplaceable moments". This certainly fits the bill. 

ISO 200 - 32mm (18-55mm lens) - f/4.5 - 1/30 sec

This is little Emma. She and her mum came along for a shoot, together with Emma's friend and her mum. She was quite the little character - a typical girly girl giving me all her poses. It was an absolute joy to photograph her. Not to mention how adorable she is... especially in that denim dungarees! It's so fun for me, when I get a client who just loves to be in front of the camera, because the joy in their face is just so evident. They are always super enthusiastic to pose and get into any position you suggest that any level of stress I might feel, just slips away and it becomes just an absolute pleasurable job to do.

ISO 200 - 28mm (18-55mm lens) - f/4 - 1/60 sec

Meet Zain and Isaah. They are the adorable boys of Diya, one of my lovely clients who came to me wanting some good family photographs after having been let down with photographers in the past. They were a lovely family and were very smiley and enthusiastic clients throughout, even Diya's husband (which is very unusual for the men I normally shoot). So the reason I chose to show you this image is because I just wanted to show that even though both of the boys aren't facing the lens, it's still a lovely image. Like I said before, parents tend to get very stressed out behind the scenes trying to get their children to look as good as possible on camera and this includes trying to get them to look the right way. Often this is just out of the question. Kids are so easily distracted, so it can be quite a chore to get their little eyes looking the right way. However, I think you'll agree, this is still a very cute picture and the boys look utterly adorable, despite little Isaah's eyes trailing off to the right of the lens.

Ok so there were a few reasons for selecting these images to show you today. Obviously they are super cute kids and they deserve to be showcased, but I just wanted to get the message across that sometimes the imperfect pictures turn out to be the ones you love the most. Kids aren't robots. They don't march to anybody else's drum but their own and often expecting them to do exactly as they are asked in such a pressured environment is too much. Photographers will always do their best to snap the best possible image of your children and deliver the best quality they possibly can, but it doesn't always mean it will be a standard smiley shot - these images are my best examples of how great, a less than perfect scenario, can turn out in a photograph. 

Hope you enjoyed looking at these ones as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Take care lovelies. x

Monday, 24 March 2014

Monday Wish List - True Blue Inspiration - Part 2

Hey lovely people!

Well I just couldn't resist adding another few items to my Wish List and I thought that because there were still blue pieces included, that I would just share them with you and include them as part of today's post.

So this is another Yours Clothing selection, again for Spring... but with a little edginess. 

I absolutely love this edgy look this season - with that bright pop of colour from the blue shirt.It's just such a fashionable look, especially with all the buckles and studs - it just adds a little extra something to the look. I also think that £50 for a Biker Jacket is super reasonable considering some other stores are often asking for double that amount, despite not offering even half of the sizes available at Yours Clothing. 

The following selection can be found at SimplyBe.

Biker Jacket - £60

Ok, so I know that a lot of these items are super expensive (i.e. the sunglasses and the boots) but I just couldn't keep them to myself! I love them. The sunglasses reminded me of the original Ray ban Wayfarers, but are slightly more rectangular and have that funky detail on the side. And those boots... I mean really!!! Distressed leather is something I'm super into and I just adored the strap and buckle detail! Again though, I've found a biker jacket that's a great price and looks fab and adding this to the adorable denim dress is just a match made in heaven! 

So I'm done for the day with my Wish List clothing pieces... I think! I hope you liked them and will give these 2 great sites a visit. They really do offer fantastic clothing at really affordable prices and you can really bag yourself a fantastic outfit for a bargain price... that is if you stay away from the designer boots and sunglasses! :-)

Anyway, have a lovely day whatever it is that you might be doing.

Take care lovelies. x

Monday Wish List - True Blue Inspiration

Hey there lovely people!

Well it's time for my Monday wish list and this week I'm showcasing choices from both Yours Clothing and Simply Be - 2 of my favourite places to visit for plus-sized clothing.

The colour I'm feeling this week is blue... and all the different shades of blue for that matter. This has been inspired by the amazing sight of the bright blue skies we've had this week, what with it being the start of Spring and all. However, I've not went overboard with the skimpy clothing - it is after all still freezing most days, so I've included a few Spring jacket options, perfect for those days where the sun is shining but there's still a nip in the air. So anyway, let's just get on with it.

The first selection comes straight from Yours Clothing.

  1. Blue marl sleeveless jersey top - £9
  2. Mid Blue Basic Crop Jeans - £18
  3. Navy Blue Lightweight Cotton Parka Jacket With Hood - £39
  4. Navy Blue Canvas Trainers With Laces - £16
  5. Black Sunglasses With Silver Snake Trim - £6
I love these items because they are very appropriate for a Scottish Springtime. The cropped jeans give enough coverage and are thick enough that if it's cold they provide enough heat, but if it's warm you have the turn-ups that give your legs a bit of a breather. The blue tones in each of the items are quite muted and therefore would be appropriate for all kinds of weather, whereas my selection below, from Simply Be, is much more bright and vibrant and just kinda screams SUNSHINE!!!

This selection comes straight to you from SimplyBe.

  1. Boyfriend T-Shirts (2 pack) - £24
  2. Cara Boyfriend Jeans - £40
  3. Parka Jacket - £40
  4. Sole Diva Lace Up Pump - £22
  5. Fiorelli Classic Cat's Eye Sunglasses - £61
Similarly, Simply Be offer a great spring line, all be it at a slightly higher cost than Yours Clothing. I particularly love the pop of colour from this blue parka, which can I just add would be a perfect addition to any festival goers suitcase this year!

Anyway lovely people, be sure to give these great sites a visit. There's an abundance of choice at amazing prices and I promise you will get lost in amongst the offerings.

I'll be back with another Wish List post next Monday and I hope you enjoyed this one.

Take care lovelies. x

Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Fave Youtubers

Hey lovely people!

Today I thought I'd share my favourite Youtubers of the moment with you all.

This is a super exciting world filled with super creative people, putting themselves out there and sharing their lives with the world... and let me tell you, once you dip your feet in the Youtube pool... you will end up knee deep before you know it!

So without further rambling here are my top 5 favourites and a little bit about them and their channel:

She is a super sassy lady from Florida, with an infectious personality and a tremendous talent for applying makeup. She has an abundance of amazing makeup tutorials and haul videos showcasing her extreme shopping addiction. She's funny and really entertaining and you really can't help but watch video after video.

Jaclyn also has a twitter account >>> Jaclyn Hill 
a Facebook account >>> Jaclyn Hill
and an Instagram account >>> Jaclyn Hill

So be sure to check her out. You won't be sorry you did!

Lily is a trendy, blogger from London, who provides makeup tutorials, product reviews, style guides and sooooooo much more. She has a way of drawing you in with her effortless charisma in front of the camera and her knowledgeable chats about beauty products and fashion in general. She is super normal, so it feels like your just listening to a friend when she talks... and that's what I like most about her.

Lily also has a twitter account >>> Lily Pebbles
a Facebook account >>> Lily Pebbles
and an Instagram account >>> Lily Pebbles

She's totally worth a look so go ahead!

Hannah initially started this channel as a beauty blog, but fell pregnant with little Grayson and decided to share her pregnancy experience with her viewers. She is so open and honest about her experience that it's simply refreshing. Her most recent post takes on the ever controversial topic of breastfeeding.

Hannah also has a Twitter account >>> Hannah Maggs
a Facebook account >>> Hannah Maggs
and an Instagram account >>> Hannah Maggs

She is a sweet, lovely girl, sharing her life with us lucky people. Go see what I mean!

Jim Chapman is one of a fairly sizeable group of youtubers and bloggers providing entertaining videos where he shares his day to day living, some funny and interesting tags and loads of funny collaborations with his friends. He is the brother of Sam & Nic Chapman (the genius makeup artist sisters behind Pixiwoos), the boyfriend of Tanya Burr (the gorgeously, sweet makeup artist with her own lipgloss and nail polish line just out) and the twin brother of John Chapman (the body conscious, personal trainer who is one half of The Lean Machines). He is super sweet and funny and truly loves his audience - welcoming his viewers with his greeting "hello best friends" on every video post! I seriously can't get enough of him.

Jim also has a Twitter account  >>> Jim Chapman
a Facebook account >>> Jim Chapman
and an Instagram account >>> Jim Chapman

You'd be crazy not to give this guy a visit. He will quickly become your online best friend!

5. Matt Granger - Get Your Gear Out

Matt Granger is an Australian Photographer, sharing tutorials on all aspects of photography and reviewing all of the cameras, lenses and equipment you can possibly think of. He is super talented and really easy to listen to and if you're new to the field of photography he can help you perfect your skills with more ease than you could imagine possible. He has a motto - "Get Your Gear Out" - which is way of encouraging fellow amateur and professional photographers to get out and shoot as often as they can. He is just brilliant and makes his art looking so easy. I highly recommend you makes his videos a part of your Youtube viewing!

Matt also has a Twitter account >>> Matt Granger
a Facebook account >>> Matt Granger
and an Instagram account >>> Matt Granger

He is well worth a watch so get clicking on his page lovely people!

I'd just like to say that these amazing Youtubers are only a small selection of my favourites, and I will continue to share the other wonderfully talented people I follow as well as any new ones I discover along the way. I honestly recommend that you nip along to a few of their pages and have a good look for yourselves. They offer so much in terms of the mixture of areas they specialise in and I believe that like me, you will get a lot out of their posts. 

Take care lovelies. x

Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Self-Love Tag

Hey there lovely people!

Today I thought I would do another post sharing a little bit about myself. I will regularly do posts like this just because I think it's important that I share who I am with all of you wonderful people who take the time out of your day to read my posts. 

So without further rambling, here goes:

The Self-Love Tag

1. What does self-love mean to you?

I think it means loving and accepting yourself as you are. We all get caught up with the way we look and are often trying to change ourselves to mimic looks we see in celebrities or on catwalks and I think that we will never truly be happy in our hearts until we accept who we are and what we have.

2. What is your favourite way to pamper yourself?

This is generally something that I don't often do. I'm not a bath person so I can't do the whole bath bomb and candle thing. Generally if I'm feeling a little rubbish and wanting a little pick me up, I'll have a long relaxing shower... give myself a little facial... get some comfy lounge clothes on... and paint my nails. Obviously this will be accompanied by a generous sized glass of White Zinfandel and a bar of good chocolate.

3. What are your three favourite hobbies/pastimes that make your soul feel on fire?

Taking photographs. I am in love with photography. It's the most relaxing and rewarding hobby there is. Other than that I enjoy Swimming (which I don't often get the opportunity to do) and I really love cooking. There is nothing like watching somebody enjoy food that you have put your heart and soul into.

4. What movie always puts you in a good mood when you’re not in the greatest mood?

The Little Mermaid. Yes I'm aware I'm 28 years old and yes I'm aware that this is a Disney movie... But it is my most favourite and cherished movie of all time. What girl can say she doesn't like a little fairytale in her life???

5. Who do you trust the most in your life?

My husband. He is the one person in my whole entire world, who I can truly be myself with. I would trust him with my life.

6. What quote totally motivates you?

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again". It's one of life's most important lessons!

7. What make-up or beauty product makes you feel like a million bucks?

Red Lipstick... It always makes me feel a great no matter how light or heavy the rest of my makeup is. 

8. Do you feel comfortable with and without make-up on? Why?

Make-up is a relatively new concept to me (relatively being 3 years or so). I have always worn lip gloss and a bit of blusher over the years but I only seriously got into it when I was getting married and wanted some inspiration. For that reason I am completely comfortable with just my bare face... it's not only important to let your skin breathe but to feel comfortable with the way your face looks without all the frills.

9. What piece of advice would you give a child growing up with the pressures of today’s media and its crushing expectations?

I recently came across a little quote that says "Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be"! This is the advice I give my little sisters. I've said it before - there is nothing more important than learning to love yourself as you are, only then can you be truly happy in your heart.

10. What song puts you in a good mood every time?

Right now it is "Happy" by Pharrell Williams... it's impossible to not feel good when you hear this song... it's in the title!!!

11. Who makes you giggle like a giggle monster?

What a strangely worded question... Lol! :) In terms of real life, I have a niece and nephew who make me laugh every time I'm with them. But I have to say, Phil and Cameron on Modern Family really make me laugh out loud!!!

12. What is something about society that bugs you?

Besides from the ridiculous pressure put on young girls to be stick thin, I really hate the way the media builds people up and puts them on pedestals, and as quickly as they're up there, they drag them back down to earth with a giant thud! I know that as celebrities, their lives are susceptible to public scrutiny... but they are people, just the same as us, and I think it's unfair to treat their lives like a TV show.

13. What is one of your favourite things to do on the weekends?

Spend time with my family & take photographs.

14. What is something you’re really proud of that you've done?

Completed my Diploma in Photography. It's something that I wanted to do for the longest time and I am super proud that I actually got off my backside to do it. 

My most prized possession.

15. What advice would you give someone who needs a boost in confidence?

  1. Smile as much as is humanly possible - It will automatically make you feel better. 
  2. Try and make a difference in the world - If you make someone else feel good then you yourself will feel good.
  3. Look at yourself in the mirror everyday and tell yourself you are beautiful - You will eventually believe your words.
  4. Look after yourself - Whether its a weekly pamper session or a exercise, make sure you are healthy on the inside, so that you can always appreciate what is on the outside. 

I loved this little tag. I think it's important to get the message across that you should always have love and respect for yourself. I hope that if you read this post you realise how wonderful and important you are, and I invite you all to take part in this tag. 

Take care lovelies. x