Thursday, 20 March 2014

A little Décor Inspiration - My Bedroom

Hey lovely people!

You probably don't know this about me... but have quite an addictive personality. If I'm into something, i.e. a TV show for example, then I'm obsessed with it and will watch every episode there is available.

So when it comes to things like blogging (which is still a very new part of my life), I have become utterly devoted to delivering as many read-worthy posts as is humanly possible for all you lovely people to delve into.

On this note, I thought I would share another of my addictions... and that my lovelies is PINTEREST!

I can't get enough of this fabulous site, and quite literally haven't stopped using it since I discovered its brilliance 2 years ago.

I can quite literally scroll for hours and hours, liking and pinning away and my absolute fave pins are those related to Home Décor. So this post is going to showcase my current bedroom decoration inspiration.

I'm a bit of a NYC fanatic so this décor is inspired by the city itself. The crisp sharp edges of the mirror, the interior brick walls, and the dishevelled hardwood flooring all remind me of the real, edgy feeling of New York City. 
This look was more of a classic one. Something along the lines of an "English Rose" theme. The strong and sturdy wooden bed-frame, the fluffy sheepskin rug, the dreamy vintage dressing table and the ornamental lamp all give a cosy, homely feel. Obviously this room would be dressed with lots of vases full of fresh flowers.
Finally we have a classic contemporary look. This is always my go to style when it comes to creating an inspiration mood-board. I really don't think you can go wrong with it. It's simple and sleek, with a modern punch. A bit safe maybe, but I honestly believe that sometimes sticking to the most simple of styles, delivers the best overall look.
So there you have it. My current bedroom inspiration mood-boards brought to you through the absolute genius and fabulous little gem that is Pinterest.

If you haven't already given the site a little visit then get to it... I guarantee you will find something of interest there, be it the 1000's of recipes available at the click of a button, the numerous DIY/ Craft ideas for you to try at home or the countless posts showcasing the current trends and celebrity styles at the moment. It is an enormous world of pins to get lost amongst and you can't help but love it!!!

Take care lovelies. x

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