Thursday, 27 March 2014

A little Décor Inspiration - My Livingroom

Hey lovely people!

Happy Thursday to you all. The weekend is so close it's within touching distance, and there is no better feeling that Friday arriving. 

But since it's Thursday, I thought I would continue on with my Décor inspired posts and this week I'm focussing on ideas for my Livingroom.

So I'm a bit undecided when it comes to a colour scheme, changing my mind more often than not, but this week I found my colour inspiration in my flowers. Now I must warn you... as I said before I often change my mind, and it was only a few weeks ago that I posted a New York themed Livingroom Décor mood-board. I have since decided I would prefer this theme in my bedroom... hence this post today. This may all change again in a few weeks... but I decided to just go with it today! :)

My absolute favourite of all time - the unappreciated Carnation.

How beautiful are the colours in those carnations??? The deep almost pinkish red and that burnt peachy corally orange. Oooft I just love them! 

Now please don't panic - I don't intend on decorating my entire livingroom with these colours - there will be quite neutral, earthy undertones with my brown leather sofa, white walls and oak flooring. The colours of the flowers will be represented by sporadic pops of colour from my accessories, soft furnishings and perhaps a feature wall.

So anyway, here are my ideas in my favourite form... mood-boards! :D

Ok, so the above looks pretty boring and shockingly grown up for my taste. However, as explained previously this is just the base or the undertone for my inspiration. I already have the brown leather couch and I kind of loved these little coffee and end tables because they would be super easy to spruce up if I got fed up with the natural earthy tones. The TV unit and shelving is a bit of a must have in terms of storage space (we have a lot of DVDs), but I'm not entirely sure if I would have my TV on the actual unit or floating on the wall between the two. As discussed in previous posts, the flooring is not only an aesthetic decision, but also a practical one as we have 2 very mucky pooches and a less than impressive carpet covered in muddy stains.

Now for the fun and colourful part.

The idea of the throw is that it would hang loosely at a diagonal along the back of the couches. Just to add a bit of colour without being an absolute hassle to sit on top of. The cushions are just gorgeous and sumptuous looking. They will add the pop of colour I'm looking for, and despite not being able to find the perfect rug to show you, I would love one with these bright colours included. The lamp, all be it quite small and relatively cheap and tacky looking is just super fun. I'm very aware of the 1st board looking pretty sophisticated and grown up and that is just not my husband and I at all, so this is why I felt it was important to include something fun and silly, that goes with the colour scheme and just adds a little something to the overall look. Finally I found this curtain panel - now these wouldn't be suitable at all for our livingroom window, but this is the kind of idea I'm going for with the curtains. Something predominately white, crisp and clean with that funky pop of colour. 

So there you have it, another set of mood-boards to oooh and ahhh over. I don't know about all of you, but I never tire of dreaming up ways of redecorating and generally improving my living space. I don't always follow through on them but I am always thinking up new ways to add a bit of pizazz to my home. I will no doubt change my mind entirely about all of this, and come up with a whole new concept in a few weeks, but for now I am going to enjoy the idea of living in amongst all of this bright and vibrant colour and will be back with another post for you all tomorrow. 

Take care lovelies. x

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