Sunday, 9 March 2014

Spring is Sprung!

Hey there lovely people!

Well this is my beautiful bouquet from my hubby this week - Tulips!!! :)

This means only one thing... Spring is at our doorsteps... and winter is finally on it's way outta here. Thank goodness.

On that basis I thought I would list my favourite things about this fabulous little season:

1. The change in the weather!

Now this is a biggie for me as I'm not a lover of extremely hot weather. I do however love a bit of sunshine even if the air is a bit nippier. Which is why Spring is the absolute best season for me.

2. Freshly cut grass!

This is the season of the year that (certainly here in Scotland) we have the first cut of the year and I'm sure you'll agree... there is no better smell in the world than walking out your front door and getting the whiff of freshly cut grass! I wish someone could bottle that smell.

3. The clocks go forward for the start of British Summertime on the 30th of March!

Now this is a kind of double edged sword in the sense that with the clocks going forward, we technically lose an hours sleep. However the positive side is that the mornings are lighter and the evenings longer. And really there's nothing better than that eh? 

4. Spring Cleaning!

This might seem like a ridiculous thing to enjoy about spring but for me this is a great opportunity to get rid of all the dirt, rubbish and negativity built up from the previous year and to start a brand new year with a fresh and clean home & state of mind!

5. EASTER!!!

My 2nd favourite public holiday of the year... why... cause there's lots and lots and lots of chocolate. There really is no other reason needed here. Lol!

So there you have it, my top 5 reasons for loving Spring. What are yours???

Take care lovelies. x

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