Friday, 21 March 2014

My 3rd Friday Faves!

Hey there lovely people!

Happy Friday to you all.

Is it just me or are the weeks just flying by at a ridiculously fast rate. I mean it's almost April for crying out loud. Where did that come from???

Anyway, it's time for another round-up of my favourite weekly things. Enjoy!!!

1. This guy again!!!

My husband and I, taken myself in November 2013.
As always, my hubby has made the top spot. As much as he annoys me (and let me tell you he has done his fair share of that this week) he will always be the favourite part of my week.

2. Some time with the In-Laws!

This is a rare occurrence as Michael doesn't have a big family like I do, but this weekend is the 50th birthday of his uncle and we are all having a night out to celebrate. Should be a fun filled night! :D

3. Significant numbers this week!

The number of followers I reached on Twitter!!! Yay!!!

The number of page views my blog reached this week!!! Double Yay!!!
I am soooooooooooo thrilled to have reached these super important milestones! And I have YOU to thank. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!
4. Fun Decorating!

This weekend my husband and I plan on swapping my little home studio with our bedroom. There's a couple of reasons for this - the main one being I just fancy a change. Lol! The other reason is that our current bedroom is south facing and therefore gets way more light than my little studio and is therefore much better for my shoots. It will be a big job but I am really looking forward to it... especially the shopping for cute little accessories. 

5. Chatting with all of you lovely people!

My weekend ritual now includes reading & watching everything all you lovely people have to say. It is a joy and truly an inspiration to see how wonderfully creative and talented you all are. I just wanted to share with you, some of the new people I have discovered this week, some you may already be following yourself:

  1. Letters To Antoinette - A beautifully written blog, by a beautiful girl named Antoinette.
  2. Milk Bubble Tea - The most adorable blog, with the most stunning photographs.
  3. Lily Melrose - A fabulously trendy little blog & equally entertaining Youtube channel to go with it.
  4. I Heart Organizing - A fantastic blog full of helpful tips about how to better organise your life.
  5. Lily Pebbles - If you're not already, get following this lady - she is the definition of FAB!!!

Anyway, I will leave it there and I hope that you enjoy whatever it is that you've got planned for this weekend!

Take care lovelies. x

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