Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Fave Youtubers

Hey lovely people!

Today I thought I'd share my favourite Youtubers of the moment with you all.

This is a super exciting world filled with super creative people, putting themselves out there and sharing their lives with the world... and let me tell you, once you dip your feet in the Youtube pool... you will end up knee deep before you know it!

So without further rambling here are my top 5 favourites and a little bit about them and their channel:

She is a super sassy lady from Florida, with an infectious personality and a tremendous talent for applying makeup. She has an abundance of amazing makeup tutorials and haul videos showcasing her extreme shopping addiction. She's funny and really entertaining and you really can't help but watch video after video.

Jaclyn also has a twitter account >>> Jaclyn Hill 
a Facebook account >>> Jaclyn Hill
and an Instagram account >>> Jaclyn Hill

So be sure to check her out. You won't be sorry you did!

Lily is a trendy, blogger from London, who provides makeup tutorials, product reviews, style guides and sooooooo much more. She has a way of drawing you in with her effortless charisma in front of the camera and her knowledgeable chats about beauty products and fashion in general. She is super normal, so it feels like your just listening to a friend when she talks... and that's what I like most about her.

Lily also has a twitter account >>> Lily Pebbles
a Facebook account >>> Lily Pebbles
and an Instagram account >>> Lily Pebbles

She's totally worth a look so go ahead!

Hannah initially started this channel as a beauty blog, but fell pregnant with little Grayson and decided to share her pregnancy experience with her viewers. She is so open and honest about her experience that it's simply refreshing. Her most recent post takes on the ever controversial topic of breastfeeding.

Hannah also has a Twitter account >>> Hannah Maggs
a Facebook account >>> Hannah Maggs
and an Instagram account >>> Hannah Maggs

She is a sweet, lovely girl, sharing her life with us lucky people. Go see what I mean!

Jim Chapman is one of a fairly sizeable group of youtubers and bloggers providing entertaining videos where he shares his day to day living, some funny and interesting tags and loads of funny collaborations with his friends. He is the brother of Sam & Nic Chapman (the genius makeup artist sisters behind Pixiwoos), the boyfriend of Tanya Burr (the gorgeously, sweet makeup artist with her own lipgloss and nail polish line just out) and the twin brother of John Chapman (the body conscious, personal trainer who is one half of The Lean Machines). He is super sweet and funny and truly loves his audience - welcoming his viewers with his greeting "hello best friends" on every video post! I seriously can't get enough of him.

Jim also has a Twitter account  >>> Jim Chapman
a Facebook account >>> Jim Chapman
and an Instagram account >>> Jim Chapman

You'd be crazy not to give this guy a visit. He will quickly become your online best friend!

5. Matt Granger - Get Your Gear Out

Matt Granger is an Australian Photographer, sharing tutorials on all aspects of photography and reviewing all of the cameras, lenses and equipment you can possibly think of. He is super talented and really easy to listen to and if you're new to the field of photography he can help you perfect your skills with more ease than you could imagine possible. He has a motto - "Get Your Gear Out" - which is way of encouraging fellow amateur and professional photographers to get out and shoot as often as they can. He is just brilliant and makes his art looking so easy. I highly recommend you makes his videos a part of your Youtube viewing!

Matt also has a Twitter account >>> Matt Granger
a Facebook account >>> Matt Granger
and an Instagram account >>> Matt Granger

He is well worth a watch so get clicking on his page lovely people!

I'd just like to say that these amazing Youtubers are only a small selection of my favourites, and I will continue to share the other wonderfully talented people I follow as well as any new ones I discover along the way. I honestly recommend that you nip along to a few of their pages and have a good look for yourselves. They offer so much in terms of the mixture of areas they specialise in and I believe that like me, you will get a lot out of their posts. 

Take care lovelies. x

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