Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My High Street Haul Loves!

Hey my lovelies!

I wanted to share the current loves of my life... my beauty must haves!

Now let me be clear when I say that I am in no way your conventional beauty loving person. I can go for weeks without putting on a scrap of make-up. However, I have been reading beauty blogs, following Youtube channels dedicated to the stuff and have generally had a real interest in learning all about it!

In the same breath though, I don't use make-up enough to really invest in the more expensive brands like Mac or Bobbi Brown - although I have often spent an inordinate amount of time around the beauty stations in House of Fraser trying to convince myself that I really need that £45 concealer! :)

Anyway, I am very happy to share my high street faves with you all so here goes:

The first of my faves is The Body Shop Moisture Foundation. Now I have pretty dry skin and so it's often quite difficult for me to find a foundation that A. Doesn't dry my skin out and B. Isn't too heavy coverage. This came up trumps! Not only is it really moisturising on my skin, but it also gives me flawless coverage without making me look too made up. Now I am pretty pale - almost dead looking sometimes, but I bought shade 03 thinking it would give me a bit more colour, when in fact it really does suit my skin tone quite well. Therefore I would advise actually going into the shop and testing the product first instead of assuming a certain tone might be the correct one if it's the same tone you always buy, but all in all it's a fab foundation in my opinion and one that I will continue to use in the future, and at £13 how can you resist!

This little baby has got to be my absolute fave beauty product at the moment. It's ideal and kind of a necessity for me because I have really short hair (pixie cut) and therefore I am limited with the kind of styles I can wear. So this gives me the opportunity to really volumize my hair as subtly or as wildly as I like. Don't get me wrong - once its in there you are not getting it out until you wash your hair. However I find it a much better approach than constantly back-combing to the point of hair suicide. And this baby is only £4.07 in Asda so is an absolute bargain!

And now the fun begins! Nails!!!

I love nail polish. I love all kinds of nail polish. But I truly love O.P.I Nail Polish! It is by far (in my opinion) thee absolute BEST nail polish out there, and I'm pretty sure I have tried them all! The great thing about O.P.I is that not only do they come up with the best colours and the best formulas that give you a perfectly polished nail, but they also really and truly care about the health of your hands and nails. Hence the creation of Avoplex.

Avoplex, for those who haven'y used it before, is a cuticle oil from O.P.I used to moisturise the cuticle area of your hand as well as strengthen your nails and believe  me when I say it really does work. And because your cuticles are all soft and moisturised it means that your nail polish goes on so much smoother. So it's a win win!

There are a couple of options as far as how the Avoplex is presented, which are currently the 7.5ml (Avoplex to go) form like mine shown below, and the 15ml version which comes in the form of a nail polish bottle. Both are very reasonably priced and are actually on offer at the minute on QVC UK for just £17!

More nail stuff next!

This Rimmel nail polish is my fave high-street nail polish at the moment, not only because I just LOVE the colour, but also because it goes on the nail like silk. It's so easy to apply! The colour that I love is called Hip Hop and its quite a coral red colour when applied to the nail. As well as this the Finishing Touch Ultra Shine topcoat is tremendous and gives longer life to the coloured polish as well as enhancing it. Both of these polishes cost £4.49 from most retailers.

Ok so most people probably wouldn't even consider naming this next product as their favourite fragrance... but I have to say it is the only choice when it comes to picking mine. I have loved this fragrance ever since I worked part-time in Next as a teenager... many moons ago! Its so floral and fresh and poignant and it doesn't come with the price tag of certain other high brand fragrances, in fact you can get a 30ml bottle for £7.50.

In all honesty though, I really don't think it would make any difference to me if the price was in the same bracket as the higher brands. It's one of those fragrances that you only have to spritz once in the morning and you can still smell it on your clothes at dinner time. If you fancy getting your hands on it then please do so... you won't be disappointed.

And last but certainly not least is this fabulous little mascara from George at Asda! Now I know what you're all thinking, but it is actually a great wee product! Forget the idea that it is a relatively "cheap" brand product and just try it out for yourself.

It has a curved wand, which I find much easier to apply the mascara with, without getting those annoying black marks on my eyelids. It also plumps the lashes and for someone like myself who doesn't wear a lot of eye make-up, it really wakens up the eyes and enhances them. All of this for the measly price of £3!

So there you have it! My must have high-street products! 

Take care my lovelies. x

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