Tuesday, 18 March 2014

SnapHappy Tuesday - Babies

Hey lovely people!

So today I thought I would start a little Tuesday tradition by showcasing some of my favourite shots from photo-shoots I've had. I think it's important to have a part of my blog dedicated entirely to my love of photography... It is, after all, the reason I started writing it in the 1st place. I will share the camera settings and lens choices with you all too in case you'd like to replicate the image yourself.

I will separate each post into different categories, rather than bombarding you all with a cluster of images that have no consistency and flow. 

So anyway, here goes:

ISO 200 - 37mm (18-55mm lens) - f/4.5 - 1/6 sec
This is little Edith and she and her brother were the subjects of my very first photo-shoot. Believe it or not, this is still one of my favourite images. She was such a delicate little flower and didn't really like the big stupid camera in front of her face so it quickly became clear that it would be difficult to get that "winning smile" shot. I'm so glad! This shot is better than any smiley snap I could have got of her. Those big deep dark eyes pop like nothing else and her perfect little "deer in the headlights" expression is just utterly adorable. 

ISO 100 - 18mm (18-55mm lens) - f/3.5 - 1/100 sec
Meet little Darcie. She was 5 weeks old at the time of this shoot and was more alert than any 5 year old I have ever photographed, never mind 5 week old. She was so curious firstly about who I was and secondly about what the hell my big clunky camera was, so she had this serious "brows down" expression on her face throughout the whole shoot. I just loved that. Even at 5 weeks old, her little inquisitive personality was shining through and I'm ever so glad that I had the opportunity to capture it. 

ISO 400 - 35mm (18-55mm lens) - f/4.5 - 1/30 sec
Let me introduce you to Leon. This cheeky little monkey is the most rambunctious little baby I have ever photographed. He just so happens to belong to my cousin and best friend Alison, and I was absolutely desperate to get him in front of my lens. Most of the shots I got of him were action shots because he quite literally DOESN'T STOP MOVING!!! This snap came from me loudly shouting his name (camera at the ready) and capturing his face as soon as he looked up. It was the only way! 

ISO 200 - 50mm (50mm lens) - f/1.8 - 1/200 sec
And last but not least - this is Riley! And I'm sorry but LOOK AT THAT FACE! Is he not the cutest little cherub you have ever seen??? He was super fun to shoot and was by far the funniest 2 year old I've ever had in my studio. He was soooo clever and co-operative, he posed like a pro and even checked after EVERY snap, that the photo I had taken was up to scratch. I honestly could have photographed him all day. He was the epitome of the perfect client. 

I wanted to stick with the muted tones and black and white images this week because, quite simply, they are my favourites. I do love colour images too... and will be showing you several of those over the coming weeks but for the 1st post I wanted to showcase my absolute faves. 

I hope that this kind of post isn't too boring to you all. It's my job and there is nothing more interesting to me that talking about my photos and photography in general - but I understand that it might not necessarily be everybody's thing. This is why I kept all the technical jargon and ins and outs of lighting etc. out of this post. But by all means, if you would like to me to talk about all that stuff then let me know. :)

Take care lovelies. x

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