Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Oscars - 2014

Good evening my lovelies! It's late I know but I just thought I would check in and update you all with  what I've been up to today.

It's generally been a pretty lazy Sunday to be fair... But it always tends to be... Sunday being the day of rest and all that jazz! I had lunch with my hubby and we watched some of our trashy tv shows together and then we had an early dinner and headed off to bed not long after 8pm (I know, part animals eh). Which leads me to now...

I am currently sitting up in my bed (while my loving husband snores next to me) browsing through my iPad and flicking through the tv channels trying to make sure I don't miss any of the Oscar Red Carpet arrivals!

This is one of my most favourite nights of the year!

I'm already a bit of an insomniac so it's really no problem for me to stay up until 4 am watching the awards ceremony, and it appears to have become something of a tradition for me over the years!

What can I say??? I just love celebrities! I love their movies... I love watching their lives... And most of all I love their wardrobes!!!

Now let me be very clear... I am not now, nor have I ever professed to be an expert in fashion and beauty... I do however know what I like... And this tends to be showcased best from the actors  and actresses strutting down the Red Carpet during the awards season!

However... My reasons for watching the Oscars this year have increased tenfold... And this is all down to this years host...

Just to be clear Ellen Degeneres is one of my absolute favourite people in the whole wide world! I love her personality, her ideals, her attitude and everything else that makes her sooooo fantastic, including her absolutely hilarious sense of humour!!! 

But anyway, despite being more than able to go on and on and on about how fabulous she is, I shall leave it there & I will be sure to update all of my favourite looks, moments and winners tomorrow... Once I've had some sleep! 

Take care lovelies. X

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