Thursday, 6 March 2014

Vogue Delivery Day

Evening my lovelies!

Today is a super exciting day because its Vogue delivery day! :D The best day of the month! And this months edition is doubly exciting as it features my absolute fave domestic goddess Nigella Lawson!
I have literally spent half my life watching her tv shows, reading her books and trying out her recipes. She is quite possibly the most attractive and fabulous tv chef there has ever been. And let me just say, she's the only tv chef my husband has ever shown a very personal interest in. Maybe that's got something to do with her salacious cooking techniques... maybe he's just impressed with her abilities... mmm... I wonder!

So, as well as Nigella being a fabulous edition to this months mag, I also have a few other faves I just have to tell you about.

(I apologise for the picture quality - these were taken with my iPhone.)

Did I mention that I'm a bit of a bag person... as in a person who cannot live without bags... as in a person who spends inordinate amounts of money on bags that quite often have never been used??? Well I am... and proud of it! Lots of women are more drawn towards shoes and make-up... with me it's bags! So onto these wee treats featured this month:

The white bag is by Giorgio Armani and is quite possibly the most fantastic bag I have ever seen on print before. I'm assuming by it's very pricey cost that the padlock & other buckles are in fact real gold... perhaps 24 carat. Needless to say though, it is an exquisite piece, one that I'd imagine not too many folk like myself will ever have the pleasure of even holding in their hands. 

The other two of my picks are of the clutch variety, the green one is by Burberry Prorsum and costs a measly £795, while the electric blue one is by Vionnet and is even cheaper at £590. Both are equally as gorgeous as each other and would make a fabulous addition to my ever growing collection. Better get my begging face on for my husband. 

The next topic of conversation is Jennifer Lawrence.

She is now the new face of Dior and is doing a damn good job of it so far. It helps that she's so beautiful, but helps even more that she has a fabulous photographer like Patrick Demarchelier behind the camera. Oh how I envy her!!! Being a photographer myself, I am envious of anybody who gets to work with such talented artists as he. She's a lucky lucky lady. 

I am going to end this post with 2 of my must have products inspired by this months Vogue. The first is funnily enough Blooming Bouquet by Miss Dior. This is by no means a new fragrance to me - in fact I have been wanting it for a while. However this months issue featured the cutest little fragrance sampler and I have done nothing but smell it all day.

(Again apologies for the image quality)

It is currently available at boots for the very reasonable price of £54 for those of you who might be interested in this gorgeous floral scent. 

But lastly and certainly not least, in fact this is my favourite product featured and quite possibly the most difficult one to track down in the UK. It is Dolce & Gabbana's Classic Cream Lipstick in Red shade 620.

I just love this colour. Quite an orangey red, but so striking and complimentary of fair skin by the looks of it, which is just perfect for me seen as I'm as pale as a milk bottle and absolutely addicted to red lipsticks. However, as I said above, this little beauty is not too easy to find here in the UK and the best I've come up with is Sephora.Com, where they will ship it from the US to the UK for a pretty reasonable rate of £10-£15 or a £10 flat rate if you spend over £75. Pretty good little deal there. 

So there it is. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings.

Take care my lovelies. x

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