Saturday, 26 April 2014

A Child Of The 90's - Tag

Hey lovely people!

It's Saturday and I thought I would do the 90's Kid Tag! :) Feel free to leave me the links to your own tags... I love reading them. :D

1. Favourite Disney movie?
The Little Mermaid... Hands down!!! It has been my favourite movie of all time from the first time I watched it. I even read the original book by Hans Christian Anderson.

2. Favourite music artist?
I loved loads of pop stars and bands in the 90s... main ones being Take That, Boyzone, The Spice Girls, All Saints and 3T.

3. Favourite Nickelodeon show?
Disgusting as it was, I loved Ren & Stimpy. Thinking about it now, I don't really know how I managed to stomach it... It was pretty gross!

4. Favourite candy?
Erm... I loved... and still do love those little Millions sweets - the tiny little balls of candy that you get in loads of different flavours. They were delish, but always gave me toothache.

5. Favourite game (board game, school  game)?
I loved playing games like Red Rover and British Bulldog in primary school... I have such fond memories of playing those games in the playground.

6. Favourite McDonald's toy?
I remember these toys always looking amazing in the adverts, but always being such a disappointment when you got them, so I definitely don't have a favourite. 

7. Favourite book?
I have a Children's Bible that my gran gave me when I made my communion, and it's such a beautifully written and animated book, explaining the stories of the bible in such a lovely child friendly way. I still love that book.

8. Favourite clothing store?
I used to love Tammy Girl, the childrens branch of Etam if I remember right. I wasn't really a big shopper then... much as I am now. I prefer to order online. 

9. What would you watch when you got home from school?
I used to love Zzzap (does anybody remember that?) and Art Attack, but before those programmes, there was a show called Knightmare that I used to watch religiously. It was a virtual game set in medieval times. It was sooooooooo good!

10. Favourite TV show?
This one was a no-brainer - F.R.I.E.N.D.S

11. Favourite toys?
I was a bit of a tomboy and love the WWF (WWE as it's now known) so I used to have all of the action figures from Ultimate Warrior to Shawn Michaels. The WWE is still my guilty pleasure to this day.

12. Favourite commercials?
I don't really remember a lot of adverts that stood out to me, but I do remember always watching the Sylvanian Families adverts, and always begging my mum to get me them. This however, never transpired.

13. Nsync or Backstreet Boys?
Oooh this is a hard one. Seen both in concert several times... but I think Backstreet Boys just wins ever so slightly. However, I adore Justin Timberlake more than life now, so technically speaking it could be called a draw!

14. Weirdest fashion trend?
Skousers... or skirt trousers. :) Does anybody remember these??? I had like 5 pairs and I loved them soooooo much. They were so comfortable and hid your bum which was a big perk for me!

15. Favourite collectible?
POGS!!! I had the best collection of pogs ever. I couldn't for the life of me tell you how to play with them now... That is long forgotten, but I do know that my collection was very impressive and I was often the envy of my friends.

16. Favourite beanie baby?
Never collected them... didn't really understand the fascination if I'm being honest.

17. How many Tamagotchis did you go through?
A lot. However, I did hold the record amongst my friends for the keeping my pet alive for the longest time - I think it was about 65 days. They were so much fun weren't they???

18. Favourite game system and game?
Ok so this is also a hard one, because as well as being a bit of a wrestling fan, I was... and currently am an avid gamer. Lol! So I think I will have to go with the Sega Master System for this one. It was the first game system I owned and it's where my love of video games began. I had loads of games for it, but my absolute fave was Sonic The Hedgehog and it was wayyyyyy better than the version released for the Mega Drive. 

So there we go... loads of useless information about my experience of the 90's. I loved doing this tag because of all the lovely memories it provoked. It's so sad getting older... I really hope I never forget all of these lovely parts of my childhood.

Take care lovelies. x


  1. Love this! I was actually gonna do it too when I saw the title but I think alot of my answers would be the same as yours haha!!

    1. Oh thanks dolly. :) I loved it... was so much fun remembering all of those fab little details from the 90's. Was a great decade! :)