Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Nail Polish Overload!

Hey lovely people!

Today I thought I would share my recent nail polish purchases with you all. If you're anything like me, then you will understand the serious problem I have, with not being able to walk past a beauty counter without picking up at least 1 new polish. I am also not one for being fussed with named brands and prices etc... if I have tried it before or heard good things then I will be happy to buy it, regardless of whether its £1 or £10, so you should expect this from all the products I purchase. 

Anyway, here are a few snaps from each of the collections I've bought, with a little bit about how I've found them.

These lovely little pots of gorgeousness were bought from Watt Brothers and they were £0.69 each. Despite this ridiculously low price tag, they produce beautiful colours, with an exceptionally impressive formula, that goes on super smooth and leaves a lovely glossy finish. I have so far tried the grey (middle) and the pastel yellow. Both are just gorgeous, fresh spring colours. They made my nails look so strong and healthy and the W7 range are by far, my favourite polishes at the moment.

These are also available at Watt Brothers, and come in a pack of 3 with a nail art pen at a cost of £2.99 for the pack. They are sooo cute and dainty... just a third the size of the standard bottles above. Obviously with them pot being so small, the brush is also decreased in size which makes applying to the entire nail quite difficult. However, given that this little package comes with a nail pen, the purpose of them is that they are used primarily for that function, and not for painting the entire nail, therefore they do that job quite well indeed.

These little beauties were purchased as part of the recent 6 for £20 Models Own promotion. Due to having always had longish nails and never really wanting to part with the cash at the salon, I was curious if these bad boys would at least produce the lovely shine and durability of the "Gel" nail. They didn't disappoint. I've tried the Red, Nude & Turquoise shade so far and I love them. They last for days and days without even a sign of a crack or chip. However, much like the real "Gel" nail polish at the salon, they are horrendously difficult to get off... even after using an immense amount of O.P.I Polish Remover. I don't suppose that's a bad thing though, and only goes to prove how durable this formula actually is. 

Finally, I was drawn to these colours in my local pharmacy. It cost £2.99 for the entire pack of 6 which in itself is a great little bargain. However, it was actually the range of colours and vibrancy of them that made me pick them up. As expected, you do have to put at least 2... even 3 coats on before you see the same results as those in the pots. However, they are gorgeous, summery colours and just looking at them brings a smile to my face. So far, I have tried the mustard yellow (far left) and the lime green (2nd in from the right). They are both gorgeous on and will be ideal for all the summer BBQ's coming up in the next few months.

So there you have it lovely people. Sorry If I went on a bit about them, but I'm just really loving my nail polishes at the minute. My shelves are filled with all different brands and colours, ranging from the more expensive like O.P.I and Nails Inc. to fantastic little bargains like my W7 polishes. I just wanted to prove that you don't have to spend a fortune to find a great nail polish. The proof is shown above.

Take care lovelies. x

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