Friday, 11 April 2014

Friday Faves - My Favourite Youtubers (Part 2)

Good morning lovely people!

The sun is shining here in Glasgow and I am in a very good mood. I'm waiting on a new TV being delivered - a 50" beast - and I am chilling out and catching up on all my YouTube subscriptions which appear to have doubled since the last time I shared my faves with you all.

Anyway, I mentioned on my twitter feed, but I thought I'd also mention it here... I'm going to start featuring my favourite blog every week in my Friday Faves. I do have a list of all my favourite blogs at the minute in a list down the right hand side column of this blog - but I've decided to remove that and just focus primarily on one blog per week. I figured it's a nice way to personally get to know a lovely new blogger and get down to the nitty gritty of what they are all about and what they want to achieve through their blog. I thought it would be a super fun addition to my own post and would help you - my amazing readers - to find new and exciting reads too.

So anyway, onto today's business and the addition of 5 new Youtubers into my faves.


This guy is an absolute genius and comedian all rolled into one. He somehow manages to take actual real life pieces of news and current affairs, and interpret his thoughts and feelings on the matter in a funny and coherent way. I have literally never stopped watching his videos since discovering him and I think you should definitely give him a watch yourself.

This gorgeous lady is another of my Youtube faves who is a bit of a makeup guru. She shares makeup tips, shopping hauls, tags and all sorts of other fun and entertaining videos. She is so charismatic and normal, that you genuinely feel like your listening to a friend speaking. Definitely pay her a little visit.

So this lovely lady is Aaman and again she is super similar to Amelia Liana above in that she's a bit of a makeup, hauls & tag person. The reason I chose to share her with you too though, is because she's a really great speaker and is super confident in front of the camera. I know that's a weird thing to say really... but I have watched several videos over the past few weeks of young girls, obviously just trying to get into YouTube and they are so shy and nervous that you often can hear or understand what they're saying in the videos. That's why I love Aaman, she is super straight talking and to the point and doesn't waver on her opinions about skincare and beauty products. She's a straight shooter and you should give her vids a watch. 

Ok so in my last Fave Youtubers post I shared Matt Granger with you all. He's a photographer sharing his skills and knowledge through reviews and tutorials etc. This team of experts are similar in that sense. However, Kai and Lok, break everything down into layman's terms, making everything more understandable for the less knowledgeable. As well as that, Kai is super quick witted and sarcastic and most of these videos are just downright funny, so if you're wanting to learn a bit more about photographer equipment then these guys are your best bet for learning successfully.

Ok, so Carrie, as many of you will probably know is the sister of Tom from McFly... and if you don't know who that is, he is the amazingly romantic guy who sang his wedding speech and shared it on YouTube and it went viral a few years ago. Ok??? Got it now??? Ok, so Carrie is Tom's sister, and she is a star in her own right. She plays a part in Les Mis on the West End in London and has the biggest and best personality a person could have. She is a tremendous singer and often collaborates with her brother and others on her page, singing songs with just the accompaniment of her acoustic guitar. To say I LOVE HER is an understatement. Every time I watch her videos she just fills me with absolute joy. She is one of those people who was sent here to be kind and make the world a better place. You would be bonkers not to subscribe to her NOW!!! 

So there you go my lovelies. Another 5 Youtubers for you to get to know and hopefully subscribe to. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Youtube is a truly remarkable place, full of super talented people, all sharing a little part of their lives, and I feel truly blessed that I am able to enjoy and be part of that... I hope you do too. 

Take care lovelies. x

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