Friday, 25 April 2014

Friday Faves!

Hey lovely people! 

How's everybody's Friday been so far. The hubby and I have been busy doing a bit of DIY in the house... and getting rid of some furniture so not exactly a relaxing evening so far. However, we're calling it quits for the night and settling down to watch some "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip", with a couple of bottles of beer and a bar of chocolate. Before I do that though, I will share this weeks favourite things with you all. 

1. You guessed it... My hubby!

I got to spend an extra day this week with my favourite guy, with it being a bank holiday Monday, and it made my week that little bit better. I love this picture of him... It was taken as part of my photography coursework and reluctant as he was to let me take it, it's ended up being one of my favourite images of him. 

2. Concert Tickets!

Excited is an understatement! My boys are playing Bellahouston Park in Glasgow on the 19th of August... And being a member of The Victims (The Killers Fan Club) I managed to get myself some pre-sale tickets!!! So me, the hubby, my big cousin and his wife will all be dancing our asses off in Bellahouston Park on the 19th of August... and yes I already have a countdown on my iPhone! 

3. New Purchases!

Who doesn't love new nail polish? I've already spoke at length about these glorious little pots in my previous post so I won't go into any further detail about them. I just love some new beauty goodies to play with.

4. Cuteness Personified!

I had a shoot with these 2 cutie pie twins last week and spent the best part of this week editing their photos. Seriously, is there any better job than this??? It is quite literally... like I've already said a million times, the best job in the world.

5. Blog Of The Week!
I've really been loving this gorgeous ladies beauty filled blog. The writer behind the blog Super Gorgeous is the delightful Alice. She is a makeup artist and freelance photographer, sharing her views on the latest beauty and fashion trends, not only through her interesting and descriptive words, but her technically astute use of a camera. Her images are engaging and her reviews are an absolute pleasure to read. As well as this, her Instagram is equally enthralling, and you should definitely give her a follow. 

So that's my favourites for this week. I hope you have a great Friday night and I will be back tomorrow to annoy you with another Saturday post. 

Take care lovelies. x

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