Monday, 14 April 2014

Monday Wish List - All Things Ebay

Hey lovely people!

So it's Monday and it's time to share with you, a small selection of some of the many... many things I currently want in my life.

This weeks post is brought to you via the fantastic little world that is Ebay. Now I know a lot of people maybe don't like shopping on Ebay or don't trust using the site, but there are so many safeguards with PayPal, that it just hasn't ever been an issue for me. 

So this wish list is a mix of all of the little accessories etc, under £20 each, that are currently sitting in my shopping basket. 

3.Pair Of Bookends - £19.99

These are just some of my fabulous little finds on Ebay. I could honestly shop on there for hours... it literally has everything you could possibly want... most of the time at a cheaper price and in my case, always received without a hitch. So do yourself a favour, give Ebay a visit and grab yourself a bargain!

Take care lovelies. x

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