Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Snap Happy Tuesday - Keeping It In The Family

Hi there lovely people,

Today is obviously Tuesday and that means it's the day when I share some of my photographs with all of you lovely people.

So today I thought I would share images of my youngest little sister Aimee. Now, before this goes any further, I would like to clarify for the record that I am in no way favouring her over my other sisters, nor do I think she is the prettiest (they are all equally beautiful), but she is quite literally, the only one of my sisters to willingly sit for me. Hence the choice to share her images.

"Staring into nothingness"
ISO 400 - 25mm (18-55mm lens) - f/4.0 - 1/60 sec
"Dappled Thoughts"
ISO 200 - 55mm (18-55mm lens) - f/5.6 - 1/60 sec
"Into The Soul"
ISO 400 - 32mm (18-55mm lens) - f/4.5 - 1/60 sec
"Lean On Me"
ISO 200 - 30mm (18-55mm lens) - f/5.0 - 1/125 sec
"That Gaze"
ISO 400 - 42mm (18-55mm lens) - f/5.0 - 1/60 sec
Ok so believe it or not, when these images were taken, Aimee was just 11. She is quite simply a stunning little girl and a photographers dream client. She's super willing to take direction and loves having her photo taken. 

The photos with the white background were taken in my home studio, in front of a plain white backdrop. I had envisioned a kind of raw shoot, filled with attitude, and this was the result of that vision. Even though she was in fact only 11 at the time, she is very much a diva and has been for years, thanks to watching and then emulating the behaviour of my other sisters. So when it came to doing this shoot, the attitude was just oozing out of her, and I think it's really very visible. 

The outdoor shoot was a little different in terms of my vision. I wanted Aimee to look young and vulnerable and lost in amongst her surroundings, but still standing out if that makes sense. It was a super hot summers morning that we set out to a wooded area near my home and we played about a bit with the lighting, which turned out to be really quite bright and harsh with it being so early in the day. So after failing to find good enough light that wasn't creating harsh shadows on her face and body, we resorted to shaded areas inside of the woods, and this is where the trees became our props. I got a few quite catalogue looking shots of her standing and leaning against a tree branch, which I was really happy with and this was actually supposed to be the last shot of the day, when I noticed some beautiful dappled light coming through the trees on our way out of the woods. This is where the "Dappled Thoughts" shot came from. Green is always a pretty difficult colour to work with in photos as it often creates a murky hue, that can often look quite sickly on the skin, but this shot just felt like utter perfection to me and is still actually my favourite shot of all time. 

Oh and it's also worth noting that this shoot was actually part of one of the assignments for my photography course (Using Natural Light), before I had even qualified, and it ended up being the highest marked image in my portfolio. 

As always lovely people, I have included the camera settings used to capture these images, and although they're not exactly complicated shots, I think it's important to share these settings with you in case you fancy trying to create a similar shot. 

Anyway, as ever I hope you enjoyed looking at these images, and I really truly hope that you get out there with your cameras and start shooting. It really is the best feeling in the world to capture beautiful moments and be able to keep them forever. Far too much of life is missed and forgotten about, and photographs are a way of being able to love and treasure our most wonderful memories until the end of time.

Take care lovelies. X

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