Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Snap Happy Tuesday - Some Recent Purchases

Hey there lovely people!

So it's Tuesday... and even though Wednesday gets a bad rep for being the worst day of the week (or hump day as they call it) I really really hate Tuesdays. They are rubbish, pointless days that make getting to the weekend even harder. However... this Tuesday is a great one... because I'm getting some new Models Own Nail Polishes delivered!!!

So in the spirit of new purchases, I thought I would share some photos of some of my new makeup, and the area in my bedroom where I keep it all. Not that images themselves are particularly technical, but the contents of them are truly beautiful (at least to me). Haha!

So anyway... here goes:

That was some of my new makeup purchases from Make-up Revolution, a new site I discovered through a fellow blogger. I am yet to give any of them a proper try yet, but will definitely report back with my findings. 

The rest of the images are just a few random shots of my make-up station. It's certainly nothing special but it is my own little piece of heaven, where I sit everyday to do my skincare routine, apply my makeup and style my hair. Sometimes, I sit there and don't do any of those things... I just admire all of its loveliness. :)

It really is quite a beautiful thing... A sad, and often expensive thing... but beautiful none the less. Hope you all enjoyed this version of Snap Happy Tuesday! :)

Take care lovelies. x

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