Thursday, 17 April 2014

Thank You For The Music

Hey there lovely people!

Well today is Thursday and we are officially one step closer to the long Easter weekend. I'm super excited for this weekend, as not only do I have the company of my hubby for an extra day, but I have a lovely Christening to photograph on Sunday, a night out with friends on Sunday night and obviously with it being Easter, I have permission to eat lots of chocolate, without the usual feeling of guilt attached to it.

Anyway, today's post has been inspired by my love affair with music. I honestly feel like my life would not be what it is... or at all interesting for that matter... without music. I'm sure you all feel that way too!!!

So I thought I would share my current fave tracks and albums, that I just can't get enough of... and let me just clarify that these are not ordered in terms of my fave to least fave... that's far too difficult a task. I have just numbered them for the purpose of neatness and organisation. Lol!

Fave Tracks

1. Aloe Blacc - The Man

I love this song so much, not only because Aloe Blacc's voice sounds just like velvet... but also because of the influence of Elton John's Your song in the chorus. It's just a beautiful little easy listening track. 

2. Imagine Dragons - Demons

This band are just unbelievable. They are one of those bands, whose songs get into your bones. You know what I mean??? Like, every time I listen to one of their tracks, it just feels so powerful and important that I feel like the music and the lyrics course through my veins!!! Beautiful words and exceptional music to go with it!

3. The Killers - Shot At The Night

Although not entirely new, this is the most recent single release from my absolute favourite band of all time... The Killers! It's another electro-pop, indie rock fusion of splendidness!!! If you're not already a fan of The Killers, then what are you doing with your life??? Get on board & enjoy the sweet vocal styling's of Brandon Flowers, the dulcet tones of Dave Keuning on Lead Guitar, Mark Stoermer on Bass Guitar and Ronnie Vannucci trashing it out on the drums. You will not be sorry!!!

4. David Guetta ft. Sia - Titanium

This is just a classic! This is one of those songs, that in my opinion will be played in 20 years time, and remembered fondly, like "Rhythm Is A Dancer" and "Children" are now. It is just a fantastic track, with inspirational lyrics sung by the amazing Sia! I just love it!!!!!!!!!!

5. Embrace - Gravity

Now this song, is one that I loved when it was released way back in 2004, but like many other songs, I forgot all about it... until I started watching "Gavin & Stacey" a few months ago (for the 1st time) and this song was used in the final episode of Season 2. It is such a beautiful song, written by Coldplay, and graciously and generously given to Embrace. They too, recorded a sensational version of the song. 

Now onto my fave albums at the minute. 

1. The Killers - Battle Born 
This is their 4th, and most recent released studio album. It is a brilliant compilation of what they do best - write tremendous lyrics and pair them with the most beautiful music. I will never get tired of listening to them.

2. Beyoncé - Self Titled Another fantastic album from this amazing lady. It is her 5th studio album, and man oh man is it gooooood!!! She is the absolute epitome of a singer, songwriter, businesswoman, actress, model and mum. She can quite literally do no wrong in my eyes... everything she touches turns to gold... and this album is no exception.

3. Snow Patrol - Eyes OpenSnow Patrol are one of my favourite bands. I've watched them live on loads of occasions and I could honestly listen to Gary Lightbody sing all day. He has such a distinctive and soulful voice, that every word he sings feels like oxygen being pumped through your veins. This album is my Snow Patrol album of choice (at the minute) and I can listen to it, from start to finish, over and over again until I'm blue in the face. 

4. James - The Best Of

Now James are a band that I was properly introduced to by my husband and his family (who are majorly big fans of them). I had always known of them and liked a few of their songs but never really anything more than that. Now however, that is a different story. They are a great band who formed in 1982 and still to this day, are touring every year. They have written some amazingly good songs, all of which can be found on this album... and if you haven't seen Tim Booth's dance moves then you really need to check that out ASAP!!! 

5. Frozen - The Official Soundtrack
Finally, after watching (and crying all the way through) this wonderful Disney movie, I have fallen over the heels in love with the soundtrack, and find myself randomly singing out loud at the most inappropriate of times " you wanna build a snowman..."! Does anybody else suffer from this? I think its an epidemic that's afflicted a generation of people. Lol! Anyway, if you haven't already seen the movie then get that sorted... and soon you will understand my dilemma

So yeah... these are my current fave tracks and albums. And yes, like everything else in my life, my choices will of course change as often as the weather does. Hope you enjoyed reading all of my ramblings and I'll be back tomorrow with my Friday Faves!

Take care lovelies. x

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